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Moving from Manhattan to the Jersey Shore, photographer, Nathan Cluss & curator, Meghan Chizauskie, founded Otto Charles with the intent to bring not only beautiful, but meaningful art into the home.


Our vision is deeply rooted in community. Committed to quality materials and enduring craftsmanship, our original artworks are cherished collectibles made to last generations. 

IMG_4619 2.jpg


The process behind this collection begins with an exploration of the textures, colors, and landmarks that make a place home.The resulting digital images have an emotional resonance, further preserved through a 19th century printmaking technique called Cyanotype. 

Cyanotype chemistry – a photosensitive solution – is painted on cotton rag paper, and left to dry in the darkroom. The sensitized paper is overlaid with our negatives and exposed to UV-light. Finally, the print develops under cool running water, revealing the desired cyan-blue composition.

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